6 Big Hiring Trends to Watch for in 2023 & Beyond

For businesses looking to hire talent in 2022, it was a rocky year. In the aftermath of the pandemic, employees began jumping ship in numbers, remote work took over, and several industries experienced labour shortages. That combined with hints of a coming recession made 2022 difficult to recruit new talent.

If 2022 was any indication of what’s coming for 2023 and beyond, there’s a lot of change on the horizon. In this article, we’ll seek to uncover and explain some of the most significant hiring trends facing employers in 2023, so you can aim your recruitment strategy in the right direction.

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Best Practices to Avoid Recruitment Fraud

Recruitment Fraud Notice 

We take matters of safety and privacy very seriously. We have recently become aware of reports of individuals claiming to represent our company, and we want to ensure that our clients and candidates are aware of how to identify these incidents. By making you aware of this, we hope to avoid and ultimately stop victims from falling for this fraudulent activity. Please do not provide any personal or financial information and do not send any money to anyone you suspect of recruitment fraud. 

How to Identify Recruitment Fraud 

  • The recruitment email does not come from an official @striverecruitment.ca email address. Examples include Gmail, Outlook.com or other email addresses.
  • You are asked to interview over an Instant Messenger-type program. 
  • Always research a company before applying for a job. Check its website, do an Internet search, and search for reviews on Glassdoor.
  • There is an early request for personal information such as address details, date of birth, resume (CV), passport details, etc.   
  • We list all of our employees on our official website under the Meet Our Team page. If you receive a message from someone claiming to be from our company and you are unsure if they are an employee, you can check our website to verify their identity. 

Please Do Not 

  • Respond to unsolicited business propositions and/or offers of employment from people with whom you are unfamiliar. 
  • Disclose your personal or financial details to anyone you do not know. 
  • Engage in further communication if you believe the communication may be fraudulent. 

How to Quit Your Job (the Right Way)

Quitting your job is a major turning point in your life. Rightfully so, it’s a stressful and exciting time. If you’ve found a new job opportunity that will better help you advance your career, support your family and promote your personal growth, it’s time to resign from your current position. But how can you quit in a polite and graceful way?

When it comes time to resign from your current job, the last thing you want to do is rush, burn bridges, or do it in an unprofessional manner. After all, the people you work with today may very well be the people you work with (or for) tomorrow.

Everyone’s time to leave comes eventually, and there’s certainly a right way to go. In this article, we’ll break down some important tips for quitting your job politely and professionally.


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7 Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

For the last 20 years, LinkedIn has been the virtual hub for professional networking, job seeking and hiring. For young professionals especially, LinkedIn has become a useful and necessary tool. In many cases, a LinkedIn profile has become a regular piece of the hiring puzzle, right along side the resume and cover letter.

But when it comes to updating, optimizing, and being active on LinkedIn, many professionals tend to put it off. That is until it comes time to finding a new job. When you neglect your LinkedIn profile, you could be missing out on key connections, important information, and even job opportunities.

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5 Habits That Can Turn Interviewers Against You

Having spent the last decade recruiting, I’ve had many a conversation with hiring managers after they’ve just interviewed a prospect. And, while I always hope for exceptional feedback, sometimes the news is less than ideal.

Sometimes, the candidate has done something so annoying to the interviewer that, at best, they are now questioning their interest in keeping this candidate on the shortlist.


What are the things that drive interviewers the craziest? Here are a few of the most annoying traits that will torpedo your chances.
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9 Steps to Prepare for a Job Interview

Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking ordeal for everyone involved. There is enormous pressure on the interviewer to sort through dozens of candidates to find the best fit, while the candidate is feeling all kinds of anxiety trying to present themselves as professional, enthusiastic, qualified and personable – all at the same time. The tension is palpable, and instincts are on high-alert.

Keeping this in mind, it’s extremely important to make a strong first impression. Given the interviewer is in judgement mode and has dozens of interviews to attend to, it’s entirely possible their mind will be made up about you within the first few minutes of the interview. That’s why preparation is so important.

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Six Secrets of Modern Master Networkers

For decades, networking has been used to create long-term relationships, recruit talent, advance careers, and find new opportunities. Networking requires a strong communication skill set and is rarely easy for beginners. For some, networking may be downright terrifying.

But the pros know how to do it well and set themselves apart. A networking pro is difficult to define, but you know when you see one. Whether it’s their effortless charm, quick wit, or massive social media following of highly engaged professionals, the pros tend to make networking look easy.
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7 Hints to Land Your Dream Job – Stand Out in the Crowd

How To Effectively Set Yourself Apart From Other Job Applicants 

Although a resume is a great initial indicator of a candidate’s qualifications and expertise, how you present yourself in an interview is often the key deciding factor. Setting yourself apart from other applications can often be very tough. In this article, we discuss our top tips for standing out!

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2022 Recruitment Trends

As with every new year, 2022 will bring about change. New trends for hiring and recruiting have appeared which affects the way the industry operates. In particular, it has been an interesting year for talent acquisition. In this article, we will take a deeper look into some of the latest recruitment trends seen.

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7 Worst Resume Mistakes (That We See Way Too Much)

So you want to land your dream job in 2022 and you’re curious which resume mistakes scream “Don’t Hire Me!”.

The good news: you’re on the right track. By researching resume mistakes, you’re showing initiative. The bad news: while some resume mistakes are obvious (spelling mistakes on your resume, really?), others are not. But don’t stress. Knowledge is power and by knowing what to look for, you’re in better shape to have a resume that works for all the right reasons.

Let’s talk about the worst resume mistakes that recruiters see far too often, and how to avoid the dreaded ‘No Way’ pile that rarely sees the light of day.

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