Team Captain

Michael Dha

Michael Dha is the Managing Director of STRIVE recruitment and brings a creative, entrepreneurial spirit to his role. With over a decade of experience in the recruitment industry, Michael also brings a wealth of knowledge to his practice and team. After receiving his BBA, Michael jumped headfirst into an opportunity to work for a global recruitment agency. Michael eventually became unsatisfied with the broad, high-level focus of a global conglomerate and left to build a recruitment firm of his own. By blending a technical search system with a client-centric approach, Michael transformed STRIVE into a well-oiled recruitment machine that’s a preferred recruitment partner for top local Vancouver organizations to Fortune 500 companies

When Michael isn’t in the office, he can be found chasing after his son and his daughter, playing beer league soccer, pretending to be a foodie at local restaurants, or travelling to the many places he hasn’t seen around the world. Michael runs a Half Marathon every year in support of local charities and sits on the board of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Canada.

Pearl Dha

Manager of Payroll & Administration

Pearl Dha

Pearl Dha has been a pillar at STRIVE Recruitment since 2010 when she joined the team!  Her journey started in the Operations & Manufacturing division where she succeeded in sourcing top talent across Canada for the major manufacturing and distribution industries. During her tenure, Pearl had developed a keen eye for talent and a proven track record of delivering successful recruitment solutions.

Today, Pearl is our go-to-gal for everything administrative! From Internal Recruitment, Onboarding and Training to Payroll, Administration, and Accounting (plus much more!), Pearl manages it all.  You can always find her being cheerful, personable and willing to help others, gaining her the award for “Team Player of the Year 2018”.

In her spare time, Pearl enjoys spending time with her son and daughter, long walks on the water, and catching up with friends and family.  Pearl has been a long-time supporter of BC Children’s Hospital and has been involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation Canada for the past 4 years.

Sasha Cimpoies

Special Projects and Corporate Administrator


Sasha is our Special Projects and Corporate Administrator here at STRIVE Recruitment. After completing a Master’s in Management and Marketing in Ireland, she decided to move to Vancouver to begin a new adventure!

At work, Sasha prioritizes building and maintaining professional relationships by showing value and respect. She is comfortable wearing many different hats in her roles and thrives in a dynamic environment where innovative thinking and personal growth are valued! Sasha is energetic and motivated and when she isn’t working, she enjoys graphic design and looks forward to bringing her marketing skills and ideas to STRIVE.

Outside of the office you will find Sasha skiing in Whistler during the winter or relaxing on Kitsilano Beach in the Summer! She enjoys being outdoors and looks forward to exploring what Vancouver has to offer! In the evening she likes to enjoy a wine and cheese night with her friends!

Kirsten Robertson

Senior Search Consultant – Construction & Development Management

Kirsten Robertson - Senior Recruitment Consultant

Kirsten Robertson is a Senior Search Consultant with STRIVE Recruitment.

Kirsten thoroughly enjoys working with people and takes pride in all that she does. Working with clients and candidates alike, she prides herself on helping both parties meet their potential through her insight.

Kirsten is a Senior Search Consultant equipped with nearly 13 years of experience recruiting in the Construction and Design space here in Vancouver.  Kirsten has shown leadership and ambassadorship for the industry in many ways over the years including her 8-year term sitting on the board for CCW (Canadian Construction Women).  Kirsten began her recruitment career working for the world’s largest recruitment firm followed by a large national firm before deciding to join STRIVE Recruitment back in 2015.  Kirsten is proud of her personal and professional growth with STRIVE and feels fortunate to be part of the family!

Kirsten recruits for Senior-level roles within Construction, Real Estate Development, Architecture and Interior Design. Typical roles include and are not limited to Construction Project Managers, Development Managers, Architects, Architectural Technologists and Interior Designers.

In her spare time, Kirsten enjoys being in the outdoors with her family. She is often found skiing, wakeboarding, downhill biking as well as playing beach volleyball!  Kirsten shares a similar passion for all things food and wine-related as well as for International Travel!

Samantha Kent

Account Manager – Corporate Administration

Samantha (Sam) is our Account Manager within the Corporate Administration division at here at STRIVE Recruitment. She has an extensive customer service background which sets her apart from other Account Managers. She takes time to get to know clients on a personal level and has a knack for creating long lasting relationships.

Sam was born and raised in North Vancouver and after 6 years of travelling and living in Victoria, she has now settled back in North Vancouver. She completed her BA in Psychology and started her professional career in the fitness industry. Sam decided to pursue a new opportunity that allows her to work with amazing businesses throughout the lower mainland. She started at STRIVE in January 2019 and has not looked back since.

She has an impressive history of working on Legal, Sales, Construction, and Administrative roles. Not only did she win rookie of the year, but she also helped leverage Corporate Administration into the top team of 2019. In her spare time, you can find her in the North Shore mountain biking, skiing and trail running.

Taylor Grehan

Recruitment Specialist – Corporate Administration

Taylor is our Recruitment Specialist within the Corporate Administration team here at STRIVE Recruitment. Born and raised in North Vancouver, she completed her Sociology degree at UBC and jumped right into Recruitment after she graduated from university.

Taylor’s prior professional experience was with a large recruitment franchise where she recruited for both light industrial and office administration divisions which kicked off her fascination for this industry. Her areas of specialization at STRIVE Recruitment include legal, sales, customer service, human resources, and all things office support. Passionate for people and developing relations with those alongside her, she enjoys the collaboration of a team environment and cheering everyone on for their small or big wins.

In Taylor’s spare time, you can find her at the gym, exploring BC’s various red wines with friends, or at home binging a new TV series.

Ella Curran

Recruitment Coordinator – Corporate Administration

Ella Curran Recruitment Coordinator

Ella is our Recruitment Coordinator within the Corporate Administration division here at STRIVE Recruitment. Ella is a local Vancouverite who moved to Ontario in 2018 to complete her Bachelor of Science degree at Queen’s University. After completing her degree and returning to BC, she decided to take on a new adventure in the world of Recruitment and hasn’t looked back since.

Ella thrives in social environments and loves to be surrounded by enthusiastic, positive people- which is what inevitably brought her to STRIVE Recruitment! Her desire for building authentic and meaningful relationships, as well as a never-ending curiosity to learn keeps her motivated. In her spare time, you can find Ella touring Vancouver’s best patios, skiing in Whistler, or blasting old rock music with her friends and family.

Jose Carmona

Account Manager – Manufacturing & Operations

Jose Carmona - Account Manager - Recruiter

Jose is our Account Manager within the Manufacturing & Operations division here at STRIVE Recruitment. Jose is originally from the beautiful, vibrant county of Mexico, however, has been residing in British Columbia for over ten years and now calls Vancouver home. Jose brings over five years of sales and customer service experience to the STRIVE Recruitment team which he gained from several industries including fashion, recruitment, and media.

In his previous Recruitment role, Jose focused on hiring for positions within the operations field before transitioning into supporting inbound clients. Jose joined STRIVE Recruitment to continue his career path within the recruitment industry and build genuine relationships with clients and candidates alike.

In his spare time, Jose enjoys kayaking for long hours, camping, swimming, and exploring the various remote cities BC has to offer.

Desmond Hynes

Recruitment Specialist – Manufacturing & Operations

Desmond Hynes

Desmond is our Recruitment Specialist within the Manufacturing & Operations division here at STRIVE Recruitment. Desmond solely specializes in Temporary roles within the division, if you need an expert in temporary placements-he’s your guy!

Desmond joined the recruitment industry upon completing his Business Degree at the Dublin School of Business. After 3 years of working in Recruitment, Desmond could not be any happier with his decision to work in such a fast-paced, dynamic, people-facing industry. Desmond has worked in the crazy Recruitment world in both Canada and Ireland. Desmond decided to move to Vancouver, BC in March of 2020, however, due to external delays he finally made it to Canada in June 2020 and has loved every moment of living in this West Coast city.

When Desmond is off the clock, he enjoys playing sport such as soccer, Gaelic football, snowboarding in Whistler and hiking in Squamish. After he is done playing sport, he enjoys catching up with friends and exploring the treasured Vancouver craft breweries. Yellow Dog Brewing in Port Moody is currently Demond’s favourite BC Brewery.

Shaun Crowley

Recruitment Coordinator – Manufacturing & Operations

Shaun Crowley

Shaun is our Recruitment Coordinator within the Manufacturing & Operations division here at STRIVE Recruitment. Shaun recently moved to Vancouver from Cork, Ireland and brings with him a wealth of experience in in-house recruitment & marketing from his role within the pharmaceutical industry. Shaun also brings with him the knowledge he obtained from his business degree from the Munster Technological University.

Shaun thrives in a fast-paced environment and prides himself in his ability to build and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships. Shaun joined the STRIVE Recruitment team to gain in-depth experience in the recruitment industry while also evolving his career.

In his spare time, you can find Shaun involved in anything sporting related, whether that be playing or watching. So far, Shaun enjoys everything BC has to offer and is looking forward to Vancouver in the sunshine.

Sarah Monahan

Recruitment Specialist – Manufacturing & Operations

Sarah - Recruitment Specialist, Manufacturing & Operations

Sarah is our Recruitment Specialist within the Manufacturing and Operations division here at STRIVE Recruitment. Sarah brings years of experience in the Food Manufacturing Industry and Customer Service to the team alongside a bachelor’s degree in Food Science & Health from the University of Limerick.

Sarah got the travel bug over two years ago and decided to head to Vancouver with her partner & friends and has not looked back since. Sarah is determined, always enthusiastic and has a never say die attitude. Sarah prides herself on building and nurturing relationships. She comes to STRIVE new to the recruitment space but is determined to make a difference from the get-go. She has always thrived working in a fast-paced environment, so naturally, recruitment felt like the next step in furthering her career path.

In Sarah’s spare time she can be found chilling at Sunset beach in the summer with friends, walking the seawall or planning her next trip or festival. Sarah is an avid foodie and can often be found in the kitchen blaring grime or disco while testing new recipes or visiting one of Vancouver’s many great restaurants that it has to offer.

Ben de la Fosse

Account Manager – Accounting & Finance

Untitled design (5)

Ben de la Fosse is an Accounting & Finance Account Manager here at STRIVE Recruitment.

Ben is a real people-person who enjoys working with candidates and clients alike, ensuring he takes the time to truly understand their wants and needs from a recruitment point of view. This is one of the reasons Ben enjoys working in recruitment; a service based around people.

Ben is an experienced consultant who started his career working for the largest independent recruitment firm in the UK, before deciding to pack his bags and move to sunny Vancouver, a place he now calls home. Ben was welcomed into the STRIVE family and is now an integral part of the Accounting and Finance division.

Ben typically recruits for designated positions within Accounting & Finance. Designated roles include Controllers, Senior Accountants & Analysts, finance management roles, and directorate-level finance roles.

In his spare time, Ben likes to make the most of Vancouver’s beautiful landscape and is often found snowboarding, hiking, surfing, playing soccer or out on the golf course.

Jessica Volpe

Recruitment Specialist – Corporate Administration

Jessica Volpe

Jessica (Jess) spent her first year as a Recruitment Specialist within the Accounting & Finance team here at STRIVE Recruitment, and has since transitioned into the Corporate Administration Division!

Born and raised in Vancouver BC, she completed her Communications degree from Simon Fraser University along with a minor in publishing. Jess brings 14+ years of experience in hospitality and customer service, having started her career as a people-person working in large-scale restaurants and hotel chain operations. She loves creating and nurturing genuine relationships with everyone she meets, so she decided to take her career over into the world of recruiting in 2021.

With experience in roles from Accounting Clerks to VP of Finance and everything in between, her focus is now primarily on recruiting for Legal/EA/Administration/Sales/Marketing, etc. – essentially anything in an office. 

In her spare time, she enjoys a variety of different things. She has backpacked 3 continents, can usually be found in the gym, or boxing/doing martial arts, and is always in the kitchen experimenting with different cuisines while blasting Hip Hop and R&B. A self-proclaimed foodie, you’ll probably spot her on a restaurant patio with friends (and her dog).

Alison Caldwell

Recruitment Specialist – Accounting & Finance

Alison Caldwell

Alison (Ali) is an Accounting & Finance Recruitment Specialist here at STRIVE Recruitment. Ali will tell you she went to McMaster University to play Water Polo despite graduating with a Bachelor’s in Classics and learning Latin “for fun”. With a background in hospitality, operations, management and sales, Ali thrives in a people-focused environment and brings a “career manager” approach to her recruitment process.

Ali began recruiting within the hospitality industry where she was a driving force, hiring 250+ people during the opening of a large flagship restaurant. She transitioned into Accounting & Finance last year to focus on technical designated roles within the Accounting & Finance industry. Ali loves the hunt for a strong FP&A Analyst, Internal Auditor, Finance Manager, basically anything that poses a challenge!

Moving from Ontario to Vancouver in 2018 with adventure on her mind, Ali can be found hiking, camping, snowboarding, and exploring on her days off.

Rachel Murray

Recruitment Coordinator – Accounting & Finance

Rachel Murray

Rachel is our Recruitment Coordinator here at STRIVE Recruitment within the Accounting & Finance division. Rachel holds previous experience working in in-house recruitment for one of the largest Universities back home in Dublin. Rachel recently moved from Dublin, Ireland to Vancouver last year to embark on her Canadian adventure!

Rachel is a highly motivated individual who brings positivity and humour to everything she does! She thrives in fast-paced environments and has no problem working hard to achieve her goals. Rachel comes to STRIVE Recruitment to learn everything she can about the recruitment world and further develop her career.

In her spare time, you can find Rachel strolling along the English Bay seawall, sipping her favourite wines with friends, and exploring Vancouver’s beautiful outdoors!

Alanna Dunbar

Marketing Specialist

Alanna Dunbar

Alanna brings over 8 years of customer-facing experience and 3 years of marketing experience to the STRIVE team. Before Alanna delved into Business Development at STRIVE, she worked as a content marketer in Mumbai, India.  Alanna is successful in her role because she thrives on working with others and building strong relationships with clients.  Alanna’s favourite quote is “Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it, the time will pass anyway” by Earl Nighingale

When Alanna is not busy at work, you can find her reading fiction, hiking in North Vancouver, spinning in Gastown or travelling all over the world.