Cedar is our Chief Petting Officer here at STRIVE Recruitment. She’s our office dog, who receives no lack of attention and loves every minute of it! Her main responsibilities include ensuring team members get fresh air with regular visits to the Bentall Bark Park, fostering a positive work environment with tail wags, keeping the team active with fetch and lots more!

Most days when she’s at the office, Cedar can be found roaming from one staff member to the other begging for pets.

Out of the office, Cedar is an outdoorsy girl like her owner Sam. She loves to go on big hikes in Squamish, emerge herself in any puddle she finds, and play with her best friend Huxley.

She is a valued team member and the office moral is that little bit higher when she’s in!


Layla is our Peer Support Specialist here at STRIVE Recruitment. She’s an office dog, and has a very important job! Her main responsibilities include morale boosting, reducing employee stress through cuddles, supportive tail wags, and lots more! Layla is a very important member of our team and knows how to make everyone smile wherever she goes!

Most days when she’s at the office, Layla can be found participating in meetings, snoozing in the middle of the office, and making sure everyone feels loved – she thrives in an environment where belly rubs are supported! While it may seem like Layla spends a lot of time sleeping on the job, she is a very essential part of the STRIVE Recruitment team and our company culture.

When she’s not napping in the office, she’s joining in on client and team meetings, and calls with potential candidates – she has a great judge of character!

Out of the office, Layla enjoys going for walks and playing outside, making new friends on a local patio, and spending time with her human, Jessica Volpe!”

Desmond Hynes

Des is our dedicated Recruitment Specialist who manages all temporary/contract aspects within the Manufacturing & Operations division. After completing his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Business Management at Dublin Business School, he began his career in recruitment. Starting as a Recruitment Coordinator managing over 1300 temps within a Big Four bank, he has accumulated over 5 years of experience spanning from Dublin to Vancouver.

When he’s not working he can be found outside playing sports such as Gaelic football or soccer, hiking or snowboarding. He also loves travelling and hanging out with friends at Vancouver breweries.

Jose Carmona

Jose is our Account Manager within the Manufacturing & Operations division here at STRIVE Recruitment. Jose is originally from the beautiful, vibrant county of Mexico, however, has been residing in British Columbia for over ten years and now calls Vancouver home. Jose brings over five years of sales and customer service experience to the STRIVE Recruitment team which he gained from several industries including fashion, recruitment, and media.

In his previous Recruitment role, Jose focused on hiring for positions within the operations field before transitioning into supporting inbound clients. Jose joined STRIVE Recruitment to continue his career path within the recruitment industry and build genuine relationships with clients and candidates alike.

In his spare time, Jose enjoys kayaking for long hours, camping, swimming, and exploring the various remote cities BC has to offer.

Sarah Monahan

Sarah is our Account Manager within the Manufacturing and Operations division here at STRIVE Recruitment. Sarah brings years of experience in the Food Manufacturing Industry and Customer Service to the team alongside a bachelor’s degree in food science & Health from the University of Limerick.

Sarah got the travel bug over two years ago and decided to head to Vancouver with her partner & friends and has not looked back since. Sarah is determined, always enthusiastic and has a never say die attitude. Sarah prides herself on building and nurturing relationships. She comes to STRIVE new to the recruitment space but is determined to make a difference from the get-go. She has always thrived working in a fast-paced environment, so naturally, recruitment felt like the next step in furthering her career path.

In Sarah’s spare time she can be found chilling at Sunset beach in the summer with friends, walking the seawall or planning her next trip or festival. Sarah is an avid foodie and can often be found in the kitchen blaring grime or disco while testing new recipes or visiting one of Vancouver’s many great restaurants that it has to offer.

Ella Curran

Ella is our Recruitment Specialist within the Corporate Administration division here at STRIVE Recruitment. Ella is a local Vancouverite who moved to Ontario in 2018 to complete her Bachelor of Science degree at Queen’s University. After completing her degree and returning to BC, she decided to take on a new adventure in the world of Recruitment and hasn’t looked back since.

Ella thrives in social environments and loves to be surrounded by enthusiastic, positive people- which is what inevitably brought her to STRIVE Recruitment! Her desire for building authentic and meaningful relationships, as well as a never-ending curiosity to learn keeps her motivated. In her spare time, you can find Ella touring Vancouver’s best patios, skiing in Whistler, or blasting old rock music with her friends and family.

Leting Cheong-Dunford

After working at STRIVE for over 5 years, Ting made the move to Singapore where she continued working in recruitment. We’re excited to have her back in Vancouver and rejoining the Corporate Administration team as our Senior Legal Recruitment Consultant.

Since graduating with her Law and Sociology degree from UBC in 2016, Ting has accumulated over 7 years of experience in the recruitment industry, focusing in Accounting & Finance and Corporate Administration.

She is a foodie and traveler, who loves hotpot, the beach, yoga, shopping and the gym

Jessica Volpe (On Maternity Leave)

Jessica (Jess) spent her first year as a Recruitment Specialist within the Accounting & Finance team here at STRIVE Recruitment, and has since transitioned into the Corporate Administration Division!

Born and raised in Vancouver BC, she completed her Communications degree from Simon Fraser University along with a minor in publishing. Jess brings 14+ years of experience in hospitality and customer service, having started her career as a people-person working in large-scale restaurants and hotel chain operations. She loves creating and nurturing genuine relationships with everyone she meets, so she decided to take her career over into the world of recruiting in 2021.

With experience in roles from Accounting Clerks to VP of Finance and everything in between, her focus is now primarily on recruiting for Legal/EA/Administration/Sales/Marketing, etc. – essentially anything in an office.

In her spare time, she enjoys a variety of different things. She has backpacked 3 continents, can usually be found in the gym, or boxing/doing martial arts, and is always in the kitchen experimenting with different cuisines while blasting Hip Hop and R&B. A self-proclaimed foodie, you’ll probably spot her on a restaurant patio with friends (and her dog).

Derek Chan

Derek Chan is an Accounting & Finance Account Manager at STRIVE Recruitment.

Derek considers himself a true Vancouverite, having grown up in Vancouver, however, when he was presented with the opportunity to work in Hong Kong, he took on the challenge head-on! Upon arrival in Hong Kong Derek immediately integrated himself into a new culture and working environment, ultimately helping him grow as an individual and gain new perspectives.

Derek is an experienced consultant with over seven years of experience in the field. Freshly back in Vancouver, Derek has now decided to take on his newest challenge of Managing the Accounting & Finance accounts at STRIVE Recruitment. Derek will focus on Accounting & Finance roles such as Controllers, Senior Accountants, Assistant Controllers, Accounting Managers, Accountants, and Accounts Payable & Receivable.

In Derek’s spare time, he likes to play basketball, go hiking, grab some great food around the city, and hang out with friends and family.

Ben de la Fosse

Ben is a real people-person who enjoys working with candidates and clients alike, ensuring he takes the time to truly understand their wants and needs from a recruitment point of view. This is one of the reasons Ben enjoys working in recruitment; a service based around people.

Ben is an experienced consultant who started his career working for the largest independent recruitment firm in the UK, before deciding to pack his bags and move to sunny Vancouver, a place he now calls home. Ben was welcomed into the STRIVE family and is now an integral part of the Accounting and Finance division.

Ben typically recruits for designated positions within Accounting & Finance. Designated roles include Controllers, Senior Accountants & Analysts, finance management roles, and directorate-level finance roles.

In his spare time, Ben likes to make the most of Vancouver’s beautiful landscape and is often found snowboarding, hiking, surfing, playing soccer or out on the golf course.