Layla is our Peer Support Specialist here at STRIVE Recruitment. She’s an office dog, and has a very important job! Her main responsibilities include morale boosting, reducing employee stress through cuddles, supportive tail wags, and lots more! Layla is a very important member of our team and knows how to make everyone smile wherever she goes!

Most days when she’s at the office, Layla can be found participating in meetings, snoozing in the middle of the office, and making sure everyone feels loved – she thrives in an environment where belly rubs are supported! While it may seem like Layla spends a lot of time sleeping on the job, she is a very essential part of the STRIVE Recruitment team and our company culture.

When she’s not napping in the office, she’s joining in on client and team meetings, and calls with potential candidates – she has a great judge of character!

Out of the office, Layla enjoys going for walks and playing outside, making new friends on a local patio, and spending time with her human, Jessica Volpe!”