Pearl Dha

Pearl Dha has been a pillar at STRIVE Recruitment since 2010 when she joined the team! Her journey started in the Operations & Manufacturing division where she succeeded in sourcing top talent across Canada for the major manufacturing and distribution industries. During her tenure, Pearl had developed a keen eye for talent and a proven track record of delivering successful recruitment solutions.

Today, Pearl is our go-to-gal for everything administrative! From Internal Recruitment, Onboarding and Training to Payroll, Administration, and Accounting (plus much more!), Pearl manages it all. You can always find her being cheerful, personable and willing to help others, gaining her the award for “Team Player of the Year 2018 and 2021”.

In her spare time, Pearl enjoys spending time with her son and daughter, long walks on the water, and catching up with friends and family. Pearl has been a long-time supporter of BC Children’s Hospital and has been involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation Canada since 2016.