2022 Recruitment Trends

As with every new year, 2022 will bring about change. New trends for hiring and recruiting have appeared which affects the way the industry operates. In particular, it has been an interesting year for talent acquisition. In this article, we will take a deeper look into some of the latest recruitment trends seen.

A Candidate-Driven Market

One of the biggest and most significant shifts in recruitment has been the switch to a candidate-driven market. Candidates no longer struggle to try to meet the requirements of a job, instead, many employers have had to increase their efforts to create an appealing work setting for recruiters to attract quality candidates.

The number of jobs available in the market now exceeds the number of qualified experts. Increasing competition within sectors has led to employers becoming eager for talent and skills, therefore giving candidates power over salary and benefits.

Importance Of Culture Fit

An effective recruitment strategy is to often look at a candidate’s attributes, such as education, relevant work experience, and the right skills and knowledge needed for a position. However, culture fit has become an important new criterion a recruiter must be able to spot.

Communication, cooperation, and productivity are often boosted by soft skills. These skills are more challenging to notice than hard skills since they are not taught. Soft skills are becoming increasingly important as recruitment companies respond to the need for positive workplace culture, job flexibility, diversity, and inclusion among employees. Companies are starting to recognize that a great team is the most valuable asset of a business, and collaboration between employees will result in greater success than those with great knowledge but no teamwork skills.

Social Recruiting

For any role you are looking to fill, a strong social recruiting strategy is needed to source talent. Leveraging your followers and employees on your social media pages can help advertise a new position you are working on.

LinkedIn is often the first platform recruiters look to when trying this. However, other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Tik Tok have become just as important. With social recruiting, recruiters get access to a wide range of candidates, including those who may not actively be looking for work, however, are open to opportunities. These passive candidates are not necessarily scrolling on job boards but do scroll through their social media feeds.

Social recruiting is also free advertising for your job postings. Sponsored job boards can often be expensive and will never fully guarantee that you will find the best-fit candidate. Using your social media followers and word of mouth to reach potential candidates is more time and cost-effective.

Remote Recruiting Remains

Like a hybrid workforce, remote recruiting has become the new norm. Over the last year, the transition to a remote-first model has changed the way companies recruit talent. Recruiters no longer worry about geographical barriers, instead, they have access to a broader and more diverse pool of candidates. Recruiting remotely also leads to a quicker hiring process, saving time and costs.

Thanks to the technology we have today, recruiters are now able to easily get in touch with potential candidates and can hold virtual interviews at any time and anywhere. Collaborative hiring is also eased with remote recruiting allowing other departments to take part in the hiring process.

What Should You Do?

In order to keep up, your recruitment process must evolve, HR is no longer just about paperwork but rather about diversity, modern technology, and adaptability.

Is your infrastructure capable of keeping up? Our team of dedicated professionals can help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to hiring in 2022. With our help, you can hire the best fit candidate the first time, saving you time and money. And we don’t stop there, working with our team of professionals you will also get access to expert advice on how to make your hiring process more efficient and prioritize the positions that make the largest difference to your company.

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