5 Tips to Ensure the Ideal Candidate Says Yes to Your Job Offer 

In a labor market that has become more competitive, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and attract top candidates. As we saw in our Recruitment Trends in 2022 blog, one of the biggest and most significant shifts in recruitment has been the switch to a candidate-driven market. While we are starting to see that shift a little bit as the economy has softened, it is still a difficult spot for employers to attract top talent. It always will be. If you’re in the hiring process right now, you may have encountered a number of challenges, such as candidates who are interviewing elsewhere, have other job offers, or have received a counteroffer from their current employer. This leads to a very frustrating and time-consuming hiring process.  

Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your candidate says yes to the job offer: 

1. Craft an Enticing Job Advert & Sell it!

Hiring managers sometimes get caught up in focusing on their needs rather than taking the time to understand what the candidate is looking for. Ideally, you want to find a candidate that enjoys their job and will exceed expectations because they’re passionate about what they do. A candidate’s first impression of the role and company will be taken from the advert and job description posted online. As a result, it is crucial to post an appealing job ad in order to attract applicants and leave a lasting impression on the possible ideal candidate. Focus on creating an advert that not only describes what you require from the candidate but also how the potential candidate will benefit from the role. 

Creating an enticing job advert is the first step, however, selling the role during the interview is just as important! Once you have built a rapport with the candidate, take the time to sell the job – provide them with honest and truthful information about the position and the company, and don’t hesitate to discuss some of the pros and cons. Be sure to mention aspects of development and growth in the role! 

2. Build A Relationship with the Candidate

Naturally, when managers are interviewing candidates that will work directly with them, they will look for someone whom they can personally get along with. Sometimes employers and hiring managers fail to remember that this is a two-way street! A smart candidate who is likely to receive numerous offers will make sure to gauge how much they like you and your company!  

A hiring manager should use the interview process as an opportunity to not only discuss the role but to establish a personal connection, build rapport and highlight all the great things about your company and team and why you choose to work there – this will set a positive tone during an interview.  

3. Show Them a Future at Your Company

While compensation is a strong motivator in getting a candidate to consider a job offer, career development and opportunities for growth are one of the top ways to retain and recruit great employees.  

Showing them how a future at your company will not only help them reach their professional goals, but also help them grow personally, may be the best way to ensure a candidate says yes to your job offer. 

4. Explain How the Position Aligns with Your Candidate’s Personal Goals

It’s important to make sure that your candidates understand how the role is a good fit for them, so they can be confident in their choice and excited about joining your team. You can take advantage of what you learned about them throughout the hiring process and point out how they’ll be able to grow in their career while working at your company.  

If you can show a candidate that the position will help them achieve something they’ve been working toward for years—or even just months—you’re much more likely to get them on board. Have an open conversation about this – they’ll be more likely to see the value of what you’re offering. 

5. Get Candidates to Speak to Your Employees.

Nothing sells a company like a personal recommendation from someone who works there.

Put their decision in the best possible light by getting them to chat with a few of your employees. This will make it seem more personal and is a great way to build trust and rapport between everyone involved in the hiring process. They will feel like they’re joining a team rather than just taking on a job.  

It will also give them a chance to get a sense of how they’ll fit in at your company, and how much support they’ll have once they’re on board. This is also a great way for you to gauge if they’ll be a good fit for your organization. 


Ready to make that offer? Keep these tips in mind to help you successfully navigate through the hiring process and ensure your ideal candidate says yes to your job offer!  

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