What You Need to Know About BC’s Pay Transparency Act

The days of applying for jobs without clearly outlined wage or salary expectations have come to an end. As of November 1, British Columbia’s new Pay Transparency Act (the Act) is in effect. But what does this mean for employers?

Employers will be required to state salary and wage information on all publicly advertised job postings, including “the expected pay or the expected pay range.”  They, however, will not be required to disclose bonus pay, overtime pay, commission or benefits.

The Act passed on May 11, is a response to employee discussions surrounding pay reporting and pay reposting obligations.  It is also hoped to aid in lessening the gender pay gap, with 17% of BC women earning less than men in 2023.

However, some are concerned this could negatively impact businesses. In an interview with CityNews, James Kondopulos, a founding member and Partner of Rober Greyell LLP, acknowledged the validity of the issues the Act is attempting to address but feels some businesses are at risk of drowning.

No matter their opinion, employers must comply with the newly outlined obligations to avoid agency investigations, lawsuits and civil penalties.

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