The Impact of Successfully Communicating Employer Branding on Recruitment

An employer brand is the full physical, intellectual, and emotional experience of current employees and the anticipated experience of future employees. A well-defined talent or employer brand communicates the company’s values, mission, and culture across various channels, and can affect the number of quality applicants you receive, and the frequency of job offer acceptances. Here is a breakdown of the importance of employer branding throughout the recruitment process:

Attracting Talent  

A strong employer brand acts as a magnet for top talent. When a company is known for its positive work culture, values, and employee experience, it naturally draws in skilled individuals who want to be a part of that environment. Although word of mouth from current and past employees plays a large role in how a company is perceived, ensuring that core messaging, company events or initiatives, and the people behind the brand are communicated publicly across social media (i.e. LinkedIn, Instagram) and your website (i.e. Who Are We page).


Employees are more likely to stay with a company that has a strong employer brand, seeing as a positive reputation and culture contribute to higher employee satisfaction and engagement. According to research done by LinkedIn, a strong employer brand can reduce an organization’s turnover rate by 28%. Their data often reveals a positive correlation between employee satisfaction, pride in the company, and retention.

Cost Savings 

High turnover can be costly due to recruitment, onboarding, and training expenses. As stated above, a well-established brand can mitigate turnover rates, leading to significant cost savings in the long term. According to the LinkedIn article,Employer Branding: A Strategic Advantage”, it can also reduce the cost of hiring by 50%. 

Employee Advocacy 

When employees are proud of where they work, they become powerful advocates. They’re more likely to recommend their company to others, whether through word of mouth, social media, or company review platforms such as Glassdoor, enhancing the company’s reputation and attracting more talent.

Competitive Advantage 

In an oversaturated job market, a strong employer brand sets a company apart from its competitors, and the key is in how you communicate it. If you are a purpose-driven culture or company, is this highlighted on your careers page? If you partner with charities, is this easily recognizable to the applicant? Consistently highlighting positive client and employee experiences, previous work, company events or office culture, could be the deciding factor for a candidate who has multiple offers. 

Overall, investing in strong company branding not only enhances recruitment efforts but also fosters a positive work environment, improves employee satisfaction, and contributes to the long-term success of the organization.

At STRIVE, a large part of the value we bring is how we can convey our client’s employer brand to the market. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can showcase your company to top talent in the industry, please don’t hesitate to reach out.