7 Hints to Land Your Dream Job – Stand Out in the Crowd

How To Effectively Set Yourself Apart From Other Job Applicants 

Although a resume is a great initial indicator of a candidate’s qualifications and expertise, how you present yourself in an interview is often the key deciding factor. Setting yourself apart from other applications can often be very tough. In this article, we discuss our top tips for standing out!

Do your research

Doing your homework is the first key step to a successful job interview!

An interviewer will often ask “Why do you want to work with us?” – and what they typically are looking to find out is if you did your homework. Did you take the time to research and learn about the company? If yes, it shows your interest in the role – make sure you read up about the company history, products/ services, competitors, and target market. It also gives you the opportunity to learn valuable information about the company and will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident during an interview.

Also, from your research, what about the company stood out to you and in turn, made you want to work with them, their values or culture? In more recent times, companies have begun looking for not only qualification and expertise fit candidates but also culture fit.  After all, companies are a lot more than just their service or product. A company is a brand and a culture.

Doing your research involves a lot more than just reading the company’s website and its About Us page, of course, that is important, however diving deeper to discover more is a lot more valuable!

Start Doing the Job

Taking initiative and starting the job before your interview never fails to impress an interviewer.

One of the best ways to show your enthusiasm for a new role is by showing the employer how you plan to perform in the role. Be prepared and bring insightful ideas and thoughts about your goals within the role. Don’t be shy to discuss how you hope to achieve them and what support you might need from them to achieve them- get creative, you might think of something the company has not! This shows the employer your ambition and eagerness!

Show Your Creativity

Showing creativity during an interview is often not seen – think outside the box to help you stand out from the crowd! There are multiple ways you can get creative for an interview depending on the role you apply for, for example, a commercial pitch for a sales position.

Going above and beyond during an interview leaves a positive impression on the interviewer and makes your excitement for the opportunity obvious!

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Make Use of Your Skills

Don’t limit yourself by only discussing the skills you feel are valuable to the role you have applied for – you never know what could wow the interviewer and open new doors to your job search! Take the interview as an opportunity to sell yourself and your expertise.

Show Resilience

The ability to bounce back from setbacks and learn from them is very important. It demonstrates how you can adapt to a fast-paced environment with constant technological development. Companies today are constantly disrupted, restructured, and transformed; employers are seeking examples of your capability to survive and succeed in this environment.

Start thinking about resilience more and reflect on what happened at the end of projects. What did you learn, what went well, what did you have to overcome, and where did you have to be resilient? Consider setbacks as an opportunity to demonstrate your resiliency.

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Demonstrate a Growth Mindset

Expressing your desire for growth in your role can be an indication of success!

In today’s workplace, having a growth attitude is crucial. Employers recognize that individuals with a fixed or narrow mindset might increase a company’s risk of stagnation if they lack the essential resources to innovate and move forward.

Show that you are comfortable with being outside of your comfort zone and willing to step outside of your usual daily routine to explore new areas with confidence.

Come to an interview with examples of how you previously demonstrated that you weren’t afraid to learn new things!

Add Your Personal Touch

Always follow up after an interview – sending a thank-you note can go a lot further than you think! Be the candidate that leaves a lasting impression and stands out from other candidates – it will show the employer your appreciation and again, your interest in the role!

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