How to Attract the Best Talent

The world of talent attraction and retention has been completely reinvented. After 47 million people voluntarily left their jobs last year in the US alone – from restaurants to doctors offices, the reinvention couldn’t come at a better time.

Employees in the post-COVID era are looking for something different from their workplaces – something extra. Over the past two years, people have been introduced to the idea of fully remote work. What started as a necessity has morphed into a longed-for convenience and benefit for white collar workers. Less time commuting plus more time with kids/partners/pets is desirable for most.

work from home setup

But there’s more to it than being able to work from the living room couch. These days, prospective employees want to feel a sense of belonging, real flexibility (time to scrap “work/life balance”), and an opportunity to grow.

In the talent attraction game, it’s up to the employer to showcase their people, opportunities, culture, incentives, and everything else that makes them an awesome place to work. In this article, we’ll break down eight approaches to attracting the best talent.

Foster a Flexible & Entrepreneurial Culture

Without a positive workplace culture, it won’t matter how well you’re able to attract the best talent. You could hire the most skilled and experienced employees available on Earth, but they won’t stay if your culture isn’t one they want to be a part of.

Before you start up any talent attraction strategy, you need to have the most valuable piece in place. All workplaces have a culture, whether you know it or not – the key is to develop a culture people want to be a part of. That ideal culture looks a little different than it did 5 years ago.

Today, many job seekers are looking for a place with entrepreneurial spirit and culture. That means being free to take risks, to learn, and not be micromanaged. It also means real flexibility – not just the ability to work from home, but the freedom to set your own calendar and work during times you’re most productive.

Finally, employees want to feel a sense of belonging, which is closely tied to that entrepreneurial spirit. Having a common goal that everyone can work towards together will play a big part in making people feel like they belong. But they’ll also want to feel like they’re accepted regardless of their age, gender, cultural background, sexual orientation and religion.

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Great Benefits

It’s no secret that great benefits can work wonders in attracting talent. As much as people say the money doesn’t matter, it usually does. This is demonstrated by the fact that nobody will work for free. While it can be argued to what degree compensation and benefits play a part in the decision making process, they definitely play at least a small part.

Your organization may not be able to offer the highest compensation packages, but at least try to compete by offering the going rates. A quality medical and dental plan will also be a big draw for job seekers. Aside from being a great attractor of talent, a valuable benefits package can work wonders for your retention rate.

But benefits don’t have to stop at pay and medical coverage. There are range of smaller benefits that can go along way in turning your workplace in a desirable one to work at. Company picnics, parties, fitness classes and sports teams can be a great benefit for workers while also improving the company culture at the same time.


Further Incentives

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As a part of your benefits packs, having further incentives available that encourage high performance is a great way to attract the best talent. If an employee knows their compensation will remain the same year over year regardless of their performance, they’ll be less likely to do their best work.

Many companies offer extra compensation based on commission, but that structure won’t make sense for most positions. Other companies will offer a profit-sharing plan that pays employees out a percentage of overall profits every quarter or year. Even if it’s an internal points and rewards system that pushes people to be their best – incentives really work.


Have a Killer Job Ad

You won’t make it very far in the recruitment process if your job ad lies flat on the page. People will turn and run if a job ad sounds boring, or is filled with too much boilerplate and HR jargon. But the job ad is tricky. It needs to sell the company vision, the position, and the company culture without being too drawn out. It should also include expectations around the application process, and what the day-to-day could look like at the company.


Positive Digital Experience

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In many instances, job candidates will come into contact with your brand long before they fill out an application or shake any hands. It’s important you make a good impression. A great place to start is your website – particularly your careers page. If the page offers an annoying user experience, your potential talent could give up on you altogether. You’ll also want to make sure you’re providing a pleasant experience on your about page and team/leadership page.

Your digital experience doesn’t stop at your website. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube are other places to make a great impression on job candidates. You can share your values and beliefs, and also showcase the various personalities and culture that exist in your organization. But it’s also a great way to turn someone away – if your page is stale, uninteresting or offensive, people could direct their attention elsewhere.


Use Employee Stories

Your employees could be your best advertising method for a new position. They know what it’s like to work in your organization, and they know the people and culture. If possible, try to find a few employees that would be willing to share their experience working at the company. Encourage them to be honest, while also highlighting their favourite parts about the company and their role. That way, potential candidates will get the inside scoop. They’ll trust and appreciate a first-hand account of what the company is really like.


Focus on Opportunities for Growth

opportunities for corporate growth

It’s no secret that opportunities for growth and advancement within the company are major keys that job seekers look for when pursuing a new role. In a 2015 study on why and how people change jobs, LinkedIn found the number one reason people left their job was because they were concerned about the lack of opportunities for advancement.

Most people don’t want to remain stagnant. They want to know there’s room above them, and that they’ll be supported in furthering their growth and development. To address these needs, make it evident in your job ads, website, careers page, and social media channels that there is in fact room for advancement at your workplace.


Show Off Accolades and Awards

Finally, don’t be afraid to show off any company accolades or awards. If you’ve been recognized for excellence, having a great workplace, being a customer favourite, or having the best company policies, let people know about it. Your potential job candidates likely won’t base their decisions off the company’s awards or achievements alone. But it will be comforting for them to know the company is ranked as one of the area’s greatest places to work.


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