Since 2008, STRIVE has been a trusted people partner to several organizations throughout North America that range from local Vancouver businesses to Fortune 500 companies. As fast-paced and multifaceted as our approach is to recruiting talent is, the reason for our success is simple; it’s our people.

So, what exactly does being part of the STRIVE family mean?

Our STRIVE Culture

We’re proud of the organization we’ve built and the impossible targets our teams continue to achieve, and we want you to work with us to keep making and breaking these lofty goals. Our consultants capitalize on their passion for business by challenging themselves to get better every day, winning big, and celebrating even bigger.
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Your STRIVE Career

learn the s3

Learn the S3

Our Secret to Recruitment Success

The STRIVE Search System is the only system in the contingent space that completely defines a proactive search methodology with a dedicated research team. Combining technology, market intelligence and candidate engagement; the S3 is a proven recruitment strategy that is at the heart of our technical expertise.

Team Dynamic

Reap the Benefits of a Team Dynamic

This is not a “shark tank”. We don’t “run our own desks.” Rather than work against each other, we work alongside each other to create synergies that maximize results for our clients and ourselves! The core of our business is our unique team setting. Working within a team of specialist recruitment consultants, you have the ability to work collaboratively to fulfill your clients’ needs. How does this affect you? Speedy placements for your client means repeat business. More jobs to fill means more money for you!

recruitment skillset

Expand and Your Recruitment Skillset

We’re not a one size fits all operation. Whether you are in our Accounting & Finance, Corporate Administration, Manufacturing & Operations or Construction & Development team – you’re equipped with the knowledge to sufficiently add value to your client’s business. Working at STRIVE means you’ll gain market intelligence and human capital expertise that will not only hone your skills as a recruiter, but develop entirely new skillsets and a wealth of knowledge in various industries. We don’t become our client’s vendor; we become their people partner.

satisfy clients

Be The Perfect Consultant For Your Clients

One thing that we have championed is our ability to service our clients exceptionally well. From our personalized gift program to regular onsite meetings; we are our client’s trusted business advisor and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. This is one of the reasons STRIVE is entrusted by Fortune 500 companies to be their exclusive human capital partner.

Friendly Competition

While we certainly don’t foster competition within recruitment teams, you better believe each team STRIVES to put up their best numbers. Every month each team competes against one another to meet or exceed certain metrics, and each member of the winning team receives aprize. A typical prize includes a team lunch at one of downtown’s popular restaurants!

Customizable, Extended Health Benefits

At STRIVE, we understand that no two people’s lifestyles are the same. This is why we offer the industry’s best extended health benefits coverage for you and your dependants on an 75/25 split model.

Hybrid Work Environment

The way we work has changed and we have adapted. All employees enjoy a hybrid work environment. Three days of the week are in our beautiful offices within the Financial District and two days a week are Working from Home.

Company Laptop

STRIVE provides our consultants with a laptop complete with remote access to our database from anywhere you can find Internet—stay connected, wherever you are.

Cell Phone Expense

Consultants are reimbursed for their monthly cell phone bill.

Team Trips

At STRIVE, we believe in celebrating our wins. We know that good things happen when you have a team that is committed to success. When you hit your goals, it’s important to take the time to celebrate with those who helped make it happen. That’s why when the team meets their targets, all STRIVE, employees attend a semi-annual and annual all-expense-paid trip to destinations like Whistler and Mexico.

Lucrative Compensation

We reward our consultants with a strong base salary commensurate with experience. In addition, we offer a very rewarding uncapped commission structure for individual performance. Recruiters with 1-3 years’ experience make in around $75,000-$105,000 with our top billers making between $200,000-$250,000. Your team is also incentivized with a quarterly bonus that’s structured around your choice of either a CASH BONUS or 2 PAID days.

Training & Development

Consistent Training and Development is woven into the fabric of our culture here at STRIVE for both new hires and tenured recruiters. We foster internal and external training programs to ensure our team remains on the cutting edge of new technology, industry developments, and recruitment expertise; so that we can continue to be the best possible consultants to our clients and candidates.