STRIVE Executive SearchFinding your next great leader is no simple task. At STRIVE, we make it easy.

We’ve thrived in the most competitive arena of recruitment that requires speed, market intelligence, business acumen and the ability to understand genuine human intention. Having successfully fulfilled hundreds of senior-level searches in the contingent space, we identified a gap in Vancouver’s Executive Search market. Top organizations have become accustomed to an ineffective, outdated, prolonged, and cumbersome service whereby the client has little control over the process as well as the candidate selection and inevitably compromises on final decisions. STRIVE is dedicated to ensuring our client is genuinely satisfied with the options presented before them. Our duty is to make certain you feel incredibly confident about your next executive hire; after all, it is one of the most critical pieces to the success of your organization.

STRIVE’s 3 Focus Areas

role fit

Role Fit

Can they do the job? 

Aligning company position expectations with the candidate’s technical ability is our primary goal. We will give you several reasons why we feel they can or cannot.

team fit

Team Fit

Is their management style appropriate for this team and your company? 

We develop a deep understanding of each client’s corporate culture and determine the necessary leadership skills required to manage an organization’s most critical asset – its people.

future fit

Future Fit

Will they lead your company to its desired future state? 

STRIVE Recruitment ensures we unearth the optimal executive candidate who is going to fulfill your team’s short terms goals and execute your long-term vision.

STRIVE Difference

role fit

Expertise without a large upfront fee

Most Executive Search agencies charge 30% of the fee upfront before any work is done. While we do charge a deposit upfront, our initial deposit is only 10% of the total fee. We require this as a deposit to dedicate one of our experienced Executive Search Consultants to your search. However, we have kept the deposit low so that you do not feel handcuffed to the process.

team fit

No cancellation fee

We understand the needs of your business and its hiring initiatives may change throughout the process. Nearly every Executive Search Firm charges a cancellation fee on top of what you have already paid the agency to conduct the search. We do not. If you decide to stop the search for whatever reason, there would be no additional cancellation fee charged to the client.

future fit

People Partner

STRIVE is an extension of your brand. When you choose to partner with  STRIVE, you are also benefiting from our extensive network and extending the right communication to the local executive market. In addition, your opportunity will be shared with the network of an organization that is excelled in the local market for nearly 15 years and has an audience and followership of tens of thousands and growing.

premium guarantee

Extended Premium Guarantee

We truly believe in our service. That is why we offer an extended 6-month guarantee instead of the traditional 90 day guarantee offered by our competitors.