Founded in 2008 and located in Vancouver, BC – STRIVE is proud to deliver top candidates through our proven proactive talent search method.  STRIVE guarantees successful recruitment for an array of clients that range from local businesses to Fortune 100 organizations, thanks to three key, unique areas of focus:



The S3

STRIVE Search System


Customer Satisfaction

Meet Your New Recruitment Team

Communication with potential candidates will exactly match your company’s cadence and values, and the talent we recruit will reflect the same professionalism and standards. Your dedicated STRIVE Ambassador will be your liaison to your team of researchers and consultants. When you invest in STRIVE, you invest in all of us—and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

The 7 Stage STRIVE Search System

The S3 system offers a full suite of recruitment services that are designed to assist you from the moment you decide to recruit talent, right up until you and your new hire sign an employment contract. Our rigorous research and screening processes ensure that all candidates exceed your company’s cultural and professional standards.

Our proven recruitment strategy is broken down into 7 strategically executed stages:

First, our Ambassador will meet with you at your office to learn exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate, and immerse themselves in your company’s culture. This gives us a firsthand glimpse into what it’s like to work for your company, and take note of the corporate tone and values that we will be extending to each candidate.

At STRIVE, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer clients a unique research system that runs entirely on the raw technical ability we have as a recruitment team. In fact, we’re the only recruitment company in the contingent space that works within a team dynamic. By using a variety of methods across a dedicated group of focused individuals, our researchers uncover hidden top talent through a variety of platforms, including a growing database, established networks, and a strong online presence.

Once we find a group of potential candidates, we begin the first round of interviews over the phone. In this initial call, we rigorously check the candidate’s technical abilities. If the person being screened meets or exceeds a set list of requirements, we then move on to an in-person interview at our downtown Vancouver offices.

This round of interviews takes a deeper dive into each candidate’s qualifications and assesses the likelihood of them being a cultural fit for your organization. In addition to delving into each candidate’s professional history and personal strengths, STRIVE consultants employ expert interviewing techniques to uncover their genuine professional intentions. If any interviewees are considered suitable candidates, we conduct thorough employment and reference verification, as well as background and credit checks.

After carefully assessing The Screening and The Interview processes of each candidate, we select who we believe to be the best professional and cultural fit with your company. We’ll present you with a full character profile of each candidate that includes:

  • A brief write up of relevant personal and professional experience
  • A snapshot of their LinkedIn profile
  • The candidates desired salary
  • Any additional info you require about a candidate

After you select your desired candidates from The Presentation, we will coordinate a face-to-face meeting at a mutually convenient time between you and the candidate. After the interview, the Ambassador will debrief both parties to assess how the meeting went. Any relevant feedback or red flags that arise from this discussion with the candidate will be communicated back to you, so you can make a completely informed decision.

After selecting your star candidate, our Ambassador will work with you to draw up an employment contract that reflects the best interest of both parties. Drafting a mutually beneficial contract is an essential step towards securing and retaining top tier talent..

Our Client Philosophy & 90 Day Placement Guarantee

We’re so confident in our S3 talent search method, we guarantee your candidate’s performance for 90 days. If you’re not satisfied with their work at any time within 3 months of their start date, we’ll find a replacement candidate for free.

From the minute we begin working for you, we’re all in. In order to maintain full visibility on your up-to-the-minute needs and stipulations, we offer our services to you around the clock. We know your business doesn’t quit after 5:00pm, so ours won’t either. We’re proud of the organization we’ve built and the impossible targets our teams continue to achieve, and we want you to work with us to keep making and breaking these lofty goals.


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I reached out to Pearl because I was having a really difficult time recruiting management in our BC market. I’ve worked in management in my industry for over 10 years, but I had never used a recruiter before. I was somewhat skeptical that someone who didn’t work specifically in my segment of the supply chain (last mile logistics) would be able to understand the prototype of what would make a good manager in our space. I was wrong. She listened carefully, found me a number of good candidates to interview , understood the feedback I gave her on why I thought a candidate didn’t fit the bill, and, and we were able to fill some really difficult to recruit for positions in British Columbia. I would not hesitate to reach out to her to help fill any open position in logistics. Thank you Pearl!

Christine, Senior VP of Operations.

Working with Strive Recruitment was a great experience. The team had great knowledge and understanding of their job. Apart from friendly environment in the Strive facility, they were clear and very prompt in communication via email and telephone making you feel so involved in your hiring process. They handled the process so quick, accurate and smooth. I am so glad to work with them and would highly recommend Strive recruitment for your best job search. I am proud to let know that the position I am working currently was the first and last job posting that I applied via Strive and I am very satisfied and happy to have this best job to grow my career. I would love to work with strive in future if ever needed!

Suman, AP Coordinator

I have dealt with other recruitment firms in the past and I am confident that STRIVE is the perfect fit for me. I have developed a strong business relationship with Pearl Ghirra. It is evident that her expertise and knowledge in the industry that I am from, is vast. Her communication and follow-through is the best I have seen. Her strong interpersonal skills and execution shines through with each job placement that comes up.

Gloria Szabo, Logistics Professional

Working with the team members at STRIVE Recruitment was, and has been a tremendous pleasure – and without hesitation I have already reached out to others with my own personal recommendation that they should themselves partner with STRIVE and take advantage of working with a professional team of caring individuals such as these guys!

Tony, Director of Operations

I am pleased to recommend the recruitment services provided by STRIVE Recruitment.They have worked closely with me over the last 3 years on our recruitment needs and has been an effective partner, taking the time to understand our business and the core competencies required for the vacancies. Throughout the searches, she stayed flexible to our needs and feedback, adapting the candidate searches accordingly. This resulted in successful recruits that continue to thrive within our organization today. I sincerely recommend STRIVE Recruitment for any upcoming recruitment needs.

HR Manager, Global Retail Leader

I have known Michael for over 5 years in a professional capacity. He is very knowledgeable about the trends and developments in the recruitment industry and has also provided me with top notch candidates. He is articulate, warm and probably one of the few recruiters that keeps in touch with his clients on a regular basis. A pleasure to work with; I will continue to use his expertise in the future.

Seema Ahira, Senior Human Resources Manager

STRIVE Recruitment have been instrumental in finding my company key employees . I would recommend STRIVE Recruitment to anyone looking for the best employee for your company’s needs.

Maurizio, President

Michael and his STRIVE team were instrumental in helping me build a high performing finance team at a Fortune 4 company. Michael quickly understood my expectations and diligently screened candidates so he could present to me only the few that really stood out. His relationship building skills with both employers and candidates are exceptional so after five years of working closely with him, I now also consider him a friend. A top notch professional who is a pleasure to work with!

Noga Zilberberg, Executive Director, Finance – McKesson

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