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BC Rebounding Job Market

The Rebounding BC Job Market

The Rebounding BC Job Market

Written by: Ben de la Fosse

We made it! We know 2020 has flown by, with every day rolling into one another like a never-ending Groundhog Day. It has also seemed to linger like a bad smell that just will not go away. It really has been quite the year, but the good news is that we should go into 2021 with optimism about the local job market.

Now that the holiday season is in our rear-view mirror, it’s the perfect time to take a step back and reflect. It is also the time to look forward to the possibilities in front of us as we embark on a new year.

We are here to tell you that the new year brings us hope!

It should come as music to everyone’s ears that the BC job market is rebounding strongly. As we saw Dennis Rodman do in our pandemic-era Netflix favourite “The Last Dance”. Much like Rodman, there are a lot of positives but, it needs to be handled with due care and attention.

The good news is that the unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest level since the start of the Pandemic. BC is currently sitting at an unemployment rate of 7.1%.

The Canada Labour Force Survey data are used to produce the well-known unemployment rate

The Canada Labour Force Survey data are used to produce the well-known unemployment rate

Whilst we have seen the number of COVID-19 cases increase during the tail end of quarter four, the unemployment rate has continued to steadily drop month-over-month. Although it is still higher compared to this time last year when we were sitting at 5%. Nevertheless, this is a remarkable recovery considering we were at a high of 13.7% in May.

In the Fall 2020 Economic and Fiscal Update, Finance Minister, Selina Robinson noted that “This is the highest job-recovery rate of any of Canada’s four largest provinces.”

Let’s hope this trend continues into the next 2021.

Potential Risks

Of course, we have to live month to month, week to week or even day to day as things can rapidly change as we saw at the start of the “second wave’. Cases have rapidly soared to 9,700+ active cases which are up from 279 at the start of August and 1,330 at the start of October. These cases have been attributed to family gatherings over Halloween and Thanksgiving. It will be interesting to see where we stand after the holiday break.

As you can imagine, certain service industries, particularly those heavily impacted by social distancing and travel restrictions, continue to struggle. These sectors include wholesale and retail trade, accommodation and food services, transportation and warehousing, and other services. However, here at STRIVE, we’ve seen a steady demand in industries such as technology, manufacturing, real estate and construction as well as financial services.

Reasons to be positive about 2021

With a Vaccine beginning to roll out across the globe and the frontline workers here in BC already in the process of being vaccinated, hopefully, we can stop the spread of COVID-19 over the next 12 months.

Despite the province’s projected deficit now sitting at $13.6 billion, there are signs of recovery. The recent jump from $12.8 billion projected back in September is attributed to the one-time-tax-free payments to be made through the BC Recovery Benefit now on offer.
Visit for more information.

In Ms Robinson’s Fall Update, she goes on to say that “2021 brings hope to British Columbians with a pathway toward recovery”. We have already seen some industries bounce back with housing and consumer spending surpassing pre-pandemic levels. As a whole, “B.C.’s labour market has so far performed better than expected.” They also forecast the labour market to experience a growth of 4.1% (approximately +99,000 jobs).

Whilst we are currently in the middle of the “second wave”, with due care and attention, 2021 looks like it will be a much more positive year. The “new normal” has now been established and we just need to remain vigilant.

As Dr. Bonnie Henry says – “Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe!”

Fall 2020 Economic & Fiscal Update –

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fred interview pic fred skiing

Interview With A Recruiter- Meet Frederick Punter

Welcome back to “Interview with a Recruiter!”🥳

It’s not every day we get a new addition to the STRIVE team, which is why we are SO excited to introduce Frederick Punter, our new Account Manager for the Accounting & Finance division. Frederick joins our recruitment firm with over 10 years of Accounting & Finance recruitment experience in both Canada and the UK. We are so happy to have Frederick join the team and we cannot wait to work together.

Let’s take a quick minute to get to know our newest teammate!

Q. How did you get into recruitment?

A. I wanted a job that allowed the opportunity to work all around the world, because no matter where you are, someone needs help with hiring. Although I must say I don’t see myself leaving BC anytime soon…these mountains are incredible!

Q. What made you choose to work at STRIVE Recruitment?

A. I was interested in working with an ambitious and growing company here in beautiful Vancouver! I was excited to work with a charismatic leader like Michael Dha and a fun, energetic team.

Q. How do you spend your time outside of the office?

A. My fiancé and I have really gotten into the Westcoast lifestyle. We have been hiking and paddle boarding almost every weekend! When I’m not outside you can usually catch me reading the paper or watching rugby.

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Erick in san fran

Interview With A Recruiter- Meet Erick Quan

Welcome to the third installation of “Interview with a Recruiter!”

This month we are excited to speak with , our beloved Sourcing Specialist at STRIVE Recruitment Inc. Erick joined our bustling recruitment firm in October 2019 and has done an incredible job sourcing TOP TALENT for our clients. Erick works closely among all three divisions here at STRIVE and we could not be happier with his unwavering work ethic and great personality. Let’s see what Erick has to say about his time at STRIVE thus far!

Q. What is your greatest memory with STRIVE?

A. My favourite memory would be our Christmas party, I loved the Indian family-style dinner prepared by Mama Dha and our epic game of tug-O-war in the office, it was great!

Q. How have you been spending quarantine?

A. Great question. When I wasn’t working, I would usually explore my neighbourhood on foot and go on long walks with my dog. It may sound boring, but it was peaceful during the lockdown and my dog loved it.

Q. What advice would you give to job seekers right now?

A. Do your research! Learn a few key points about the company you are applying for and add that information into your cover letter.

Q. What are you watching on Netflix right now?

A. Call me crazy but I don’t have a Netflix account! When I want to relax, I play tennis.

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Alanna infront of Taj Mahal

Interview With A Recruiter- Meet Alanna Dunbar

Welcome to the second installment of “Interview with a Recruiter!”

This month we are thrilled to chat with Alanna Dunbar, Business Development Representative at STRIVE Recruitment Inc. Alanna joined the team in October 2019 and has loved her time at the company so far! She works with our sales and marketing initiatives to help deliver dynamic results and we are SO lucky to have her on our STRIVE team. Let’s see what she has to say about her experience with STRIVE so far.

Q. What is your greatest memory with STRIVE?

A. I really enjoyed the first Samosa sale we did as a team for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It really encompassed everything I love: Philanthropy and of course samosas.

Q. How did you spend quarantine?

A. The thought of staying inside all day sounded like my dream at the start of quarantine, but I really got into trail running soon into quarantine. Lots of open space and seclusion in the forest, which was great!

Q. What advice would you give to job seekers right now?

A. Follow up, follow up, follow up! I recommend reaching out to the hiring manager to follow-up about the position and ask any questions you have about the role. (Thoughtful) consistency is key.

Q. What are you watching on Netflix right now?

A. Right now I am watching Broad City on Crave. Netflix is so yesterday.

That’s all for now, folks- Alanna has to get back to business! Catch you next month for the next installment of Interview With A  Recruiter!

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jenalin posing in front of Jones Lake, BC

Interview With A Recruiter- Meet Jenalin Sinclair

Welcome to the first “Interview with a Recruiter!”

This month we are excited to sit down and chat with Jenalin Sinclair of the Manufacturing & Operations division at STRIVE Recruitment Inc. Jenalin has been a Recruitment Specialist with STRIVE for a year and a half and we could not be happier to have her on the team.

What is your greatest memory with STRIVE?

It would have to be the trip to Cabo we took in 2019! The team hit our yearly goal for 2018 so we were gifted with a trip to Mexico! The best part was taking a sunset boat cruise with the team.

What has been your biggest professional win at STRIVE?

It would be hitting our quarterly goal as a division- we were down one person, but we worked our butts off and it really paid off.

What has been your biggest challenge?

We had restructured the Manufacturing & Operations division so it was a challenge at first defining the new team dynamic, but I could not be happier with the team I have now and our killer communication.

How have you been spending your quarantine?

I may as well be a MasterChef now- I bake and cook SO much. I have been playing around with Asian dishes- trying to tap into my Vietnamese roots. I made an amazing Pho and Lemongrass Chicken dish from scratch but wow it takes a lot of time!

What advice do you have for job seekers right now?

Like I say to all my candidates- you MUST tailor your resume and cover letter to the company you are applying for! Do not send a generic resume along- the potential employer wants to see how you align with their values and how you can bring value to the team.

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

“Dead to Me”- it’s amazing. I’m obsessed.

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healthcare worker wearing a mask and gloves

STRIVE Provides Frontline Workers in Canada

STRIVE Recruitment Inc. is proud to have partnered with a local manufacturer who has pivoted their business to support the healthcare workers and those on the front line by building official PPE for Canada.

Our team received an urgent request on Saturday morning to deploy 15 Production Workers across 3 shifts for an indefinite period, to start this Monday morning (April 20th, 2020)- we are happy to report that we were able to fulfil this need. STRIVE is grateful to have the opportunity to support our healthcare workers during this crisis.

If you are looking for Temporary, Contract or Permanent recruitment support for your Manufacturing & Operations team please contact Phuong Vu, Practice Lead for the Operations & Manufacturing division here at STRIVE Recruitment.


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award winners holding their awards

2019 Annual STRIVE Awards

We love a little friendly competition among our corporate divisions! This year we are proud to announce the 2019 Award Winners at STRIVE Recruitment.

Drum roll, please…

We are thrilled to announce the Top-Earning Division of 2019 was none other than our Corporate Administration Division led by Sarita DeVries, amazing job team!

Next, our Top-Earning Recruiter of 2019 was our lovely LeTing Cheong; keep up the amazing work!

Our “Rookie of the Year” was awarded to the incredibly-talented Samantha Kent

The “Team Player of the Year” was awarded to Ben de la Fosse for his ongoing support to go above and beyond for STRIVE.

Thank you all to our awards winners and of course, thank you to the rest of the team for all of your hard work in 2019.

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